What can hypnosis help you with?



- I specialize in Past Life Regression

  (I have trained with Brian L. Weiss, M.D.)

Other challenges I have worked a lot with:

- Allergies

- Smoking cessation

- Stress management

- Weight reduction

- Self-confidence, esteem and worth

- Fears

- Improve grades/learning

- Improve sleep

- Pain control (with physician referral only)




Hypnosis can also help aid the following: 

-General wellness

-Addictions (to alcohol, sugars, caffeine, etc.)


-Extreme and/or situational nervousness/panic

-Creating a more positive attitude


-Surviving a breakup/divorce

-Issues related to eating

-Compulsive behaviors such as stealing, lying and spending

-Developing courage

-Becoming more creative

-Improving sports performance

-Extreme situational and/or prolonged sadness

-Past life regression for healing

-Handling grief

-Hair twirling/pulling

-Overcoming jealousy

-Issues related to menstruation

-Morning sickness

-Improving motivation

-Nail biting

-Controlling perspiration

-Improving public speaking

-Improving sales

-Sexual fulfillment


-Teeth grinding

-Muscular tics

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